Seba Molnar is a saxophonist, composer, and educator, based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Seba has had music in his life from a very young age and has been gigging on saxophone and clarinet since the age of twelve. He grew up in an intentional community called Birdsfoot Farm in Canton, New York. Through family connections in the local music scene Seba was introduced to band director, Tim Savage. Mentorship with Savage and other local musicians helped Seba develop a love of jazz and he went on to attend the Berklee College of Music. While at Berklee, Seba had the opportunity to study with world-renowned saxophonists George Garzone, Bill Pierce, and Tia Fuller. 


Though his music is heavily rooted in jazz, Seba’s curiosity for new sounds and innovation has enabled him to create a wide array of music that transcends genre. Since graduating in 2016, Seba has made a name for himself as an in demand saxophonist by leading his own jazz groups as well as playing regularly with bands like Java Jukebox, The Collective and The New Review


In addition to performing, Seba has been dedicated to the future of jazz education by providing clinics and private instruction to students of all ages. In March 2020, Seba released his debut album “Level Up”, featuring mentor George Garzone, with Jens Sweeting, Soso Gelovani, and Clemens Grassman.